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District 220 Nature Lady Program

In conjunction with The Little Garden Club of Barrington, The Garden Club of Barrington established the Nature Lady Program in School District 220 in 1979. Volunteers, referred to as “Nature Ladies” visit all students in grades K-2 for Fall and Spring Nature Walks and also offer in-class presentations about nature related topics common to the Barrington countryside. The Nature Walks may take place on school grounds or at a nearby Nature Center. Recent Classroom presentation topics include: Bats, Butterflies, Frogs, Fish, Sugar Maples and Snakes. In addition, a special class, about the Illinois Prairie, is presented to the third graders as part of their study of the state of Illinois. “Nature Ladies” accompany students on a visit to the Grigsby Prairie to see, touch, and experience the prairie. The Garden Club of Barrington provides funding support for this program and over the years, club members volunteer their time.

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