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Keepers of the Land

“We have to be careful what we do to the land. The fact is, we don’t really own the land. We’re only here as keepers of it. Our use of the land is but for a moment in time. Yet the alterations we make may affect everything permanently.”


- Bunny Horne, Barrington resident 1931-1991
From a speech when presented with
The William H. Miller
Citizens for Conservation Award

This conservation-minded book is published by The Garden Club of Barrington as a public service for new and current residents of the Barrington area. It is available online through the Barrington Area Library or you can download below.

We hope you will find it a helpful and informative introduction to a community we care deeply about and hope to preserve for generations to come.

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Awards received:

  • The Garden Club of Illinois, Inc. “Certificate of Merit” Publication Award

  • The National Garden Clubs, Inc. Tommy Donnan Certificate of Merit for Publications

  • The Garden Club of America Zone Conservation Award for “Publication of Keepers of the Land, with its vibrant, educational and inspiring message of stewardship for the natural world.”

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