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The Frances M. Peacock Lecture Series

In 1995, Mrs. Robert C. Peacock, a long-standing member of The Garden Club of Barrington, made a bequest to fund an educational lecture series dedicated to topics of horticultural, flower arrangement or conservation merit. The Peacock Lecture is held traditionally held in the fall. Past lecture speakers have been:

May 1997 - Mr. William E. Brumback

August 1998 - Dr. Margaret Dalzell Lowman

October 1999 - Mr. Henk Mulder

October 2000 - Mr. Ken Druse

October 2001 - Mr. Dan Mitchell

September 2002 -Mr. Charles Potter

September 2003 - Mr. Chip Calloway

June 2004 - Mr. Gregor Lersch

September 2007 - Ms. Wendy Paulson and Ms. Page Dickey

June 2011 - Mr. Saxon Holt

May 2016 - GCA Annual Meeting Speaker, Joe Wiegand

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