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Citizens Park Bald Cypress Garden

In 2020, Jan Romenesko, Conservation Chair, presented a plan to honor Fredrick Law Olmsted on his 200 year birthday by developing a native garden at Barrington’s Citizens Park. The plantings would surround the three Bald Cypress trees that the Garden Club of Barrington donated to the Barrington Park District in honor of the Garden Club of American Centennial Year.


With Daria Sapp, Horticulture Co-Chair, the two set out to speak with the Board of Barrington Park District and the Lake County Forest Preserve to discuss the possibility of establishing a native garden that would be maintained by the members of The Garden Club of Barrington. Permission was received from both organizations and Jan and Daria began the process of removing the invasive plants that had grown around the three Cypress Tress. The duo consulted with Roy Diblik of Northwind Perennial Farm and honorary member of The Garden Club of Barrington, on the types and numbers of native plants suitable for the future native garden. With the help of Roy Diblik, 17 members of The Garden Club of Barrington planted about 1,000 plugs as a bold beginning to the native garden.


Over the summer of 2021 members donated more than 200 hours by weeding and watering the new garden.  This project will span several years of weeding, watering, and additional planting as the garden becomes established. This project has brought about enhancement to the Bald Cypress Tress and the creation of a beautiful native garden that the Barrington residents who walk and play in Citizens Park will enjoy for years to come.

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